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Here’s a new wellness challenge for you. Take a little time for yourself and play with balance and nature this week. Balance is a great addition to any fitness program. If you attend yoga classes, you are already practicing. But it’d be great to add in a little extra when ever you have a few minutes. Improving balance can help mind body connection, coordination, joint stability, muscle strength, core strength and more.

Set your timer and start with just 5 minutes.

Keep a chair close and stand straight with feet together and breathe for thirty seconds. Notice if you sway. Take a 30 second break. If it’s difficult to remain still at this position, repeat as is four more times with a break in between.

If it’s easy and you are stable, try slowly turning your head side to side or looking up and down during your 30 seconds. If that is too easy, try closing your eyes, or lifting one leg to 90 degrees, then alternate with the other. Keep advancing and challenging yourself for better balance.

If you need some ideas on balance training exercises, check out these videos from ShareCare.

Keep trying new things until your timer runs out and you’ve practiced for five minutes.

The next portion of the challenge is to go out in nature and create a collection of stones, leaves, sticks, or whatever interests you. Give yourself a 5 minute time limit and create something fun!

Visit the hashtag #naturecollections on Instagram for inspiration.



I think I naturally exhale a little deeper in summer. Maybe it’s just the heat or that schools out and our schedules are less defined and structured. But I think it’s more that that. It’s almost like the personality of the season begs to acknowledged.

Summer feels like a perfect time to just be, take the kids swimming, stay up late, play night games, read books in a hammock, eat fresh yummy food and take a vacation. However, if you have a business like me, or other projects to keep up with, how do you balance the pull of summer with the need to move forward?

I’ve had a little garden for a few years now, and if we look at the natural flow of the seasons, spring and fall are pretty active months- spring with cultivating and planting and fall with harvesting and clean up. Alternately, summer and winter both feel like times to regroup and relax. In summer months everything’s planted and growing. We just need to nourish the plants and keep them from weeds and pests. It’s more maintenance.  In the winter months the soil has been cleared and lies dormant under the cold covering of snow. We wait and plan for the next spring.

I’ve been thinking. Instead of fighting against summer and forcing things to happen or feeling guilty when they move at a slower pace, maybe we can honor the season and exhale a little deeper into it–maintaining, weeding, and watering our businesses but mostly, letting things grow.


1. Reevaluate projects. Anything not working in your current schedule? Any pests to get rid of or items that need more water? This is a great time to take out, simplify, and streamline. That inbox too full, clean it out. A system not efficient? Change it. Website need updating, update it.

2. Work flexible hours.  It’s no fun weeding in the middle of the high heat and sun. Early morning or late evening when it’s cooler is more enjoyable. Do you have hours that seem better for you? Do you get a lot done in the morning or are you a night owl? Honor when it feels right to work.

3. Nourish relationships. Summer is a great time to reach out and play–in person or on social media. Have fun getting to know people. Participate in meetups, join hashtags, or reach out to neighbors and friends.

4. Feed your mind or practice a skill. There are many great online learning opportunities and courses to expand your abilities. You never know what it might lead to down the road.

5. Take field trips. Could be a literal field trip or a virtual one. There are many places to explore outside your business area. With the slower days, it’s a great to take sometime for yourself and get creative. Take photos and be inspired.

kalechipsKale chips are a great healthy snack. You can add a yummy flavor using lemon essential oil.

You’ll need:

1 bunch Kale, washed, dried, and torn into small pieces
2 T. Olive Oil
5 drops lemon essential oil
Salt and Pepper
Nutritional Yeast Flakes (optional)

You can combine the oil in a bowl and toss the kale in the oil- I like to put the oils in a spray bottle and spritz them in the bowl, massaging the leaves to coat them completely (uses less oil). Spread parchment paper on a baking sheet and distribute the kale. Sprinkle them with salt and pepper.

Bake in a 200 degree oven for 45 minutes to an hour or until crispy and slightly browned. Remove from the oven and sprinkle with a nutritional yeast flakes if desired. Let cool completely before eating.

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Congrats everyone! The winners of this month’s box are commenters 2, 3, 4, 5, 8


Jacob Shamy

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And the winner of the month of Meal Mentor goes to commenter 6

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Thanks everyone! Contact me with your mailing address and I’ll get your boxes in the mail.

Blog Update:

I’m taking a little blog break for the summer. Posting will be a little sporadic until the fall. I’ve got a few design projects to get caught up on and some other fun things in the works.

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I thought I’d share some of our favorite documentaries about eating a plant based diet. They’ve been helpful for understanding the “why’s” and “how’s” of eating more plants. Even if you aren’t ready to go completely plant based, they are a great resource and encouraging for those trying get off the standard American diet that has become so damaging.

I refer people to them often and thought it’d be nice to have them in one place to help others find them a little easier. As more become available, I’ll add links to this post. These are the trailers/previews. You can watch the the full version of most of these on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and/or Vudu.


Forks over Knives


Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead

Food Matters

Hungry for Change

and coming soon Pure Plant Nation